Friday, October 06, 2006

Earache's video directors

Question: Hi!
I was just wondering who you normaly hire to do your videos?

Emelie From: emelie

Answer: We use a ton of different people to make our video clips and live filmings.None are massive names, we always tend to use up n coming, creative directors, mainly cos they are cheaper!About a year ago we commissioned Shane Drake in USA to make a clip for Shortie, and in 2006 he won an MTV video award for Panic!In The Disco.In the Uk we recently hired the immensely talented Adam Mason make two incredible clips for us- Mortiis and Biomechanical..he has recently become an accomplished film maker in the horror genre.Deicide's recent clip for Homage for satan was directed by Scrambled visual.One video director we are yet to work with is Patric Ullaeus who is notable for his work with In Flames, Lacuna Coil etc but he's incredibly in demand.The director Earache has worked with most in recent years is Nottinghams' own Pete Bridgewater who is nothing short of a legend round here.

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