Friday, April 20, 2007

Muncipal Waste- are they actually thrash?

Question: is municipal waste a thrash band or a crossover band? From:

Answer: well the virginia 4 peice certainly DO PLAY Thrash in my book!But you are right- Municipal waste do play the more punky crossover-thrash (think DRI, suicidal tendencies, Accused from the 80's wave)rather than the more straight up metal-thrash played by and made much more famous than the crossover thrash by the likes of the big 4 thrash bands of the 80's-Metallica and Megadeth etc.

Basically bands like Municipal Waste are injecting a new youthful energy into a long lost genre- they emphasise the fun aspect of metal,and crowd surfing/circle pits are all part of the fun. watch for the new MW album "The Art of Partying" due instores on 11th June.

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