Monday, April 28, 2008


Question: Napalm Death :Scum LP with BLUE SLEEVE
Hello , was this Scum LP with Blue sleeve really ever sold ? ,in the last 19 years i have sean hundrets of copies with GREEN + YELLOW sleeve , a lot copies with the Orange/red and the Splatter Vinyl with GOLDEN sleeve but not 1 single copie in BLUE ,and cause the fact the 1987 > 1990 was still a good time for VINYL i can\'t expect they exist only 100 or 200 copies... Did You maybe have a good PIC of the blue one ? ,THANK you( i,m working
on a German collectors data base and my user ID is ZZOOOUHH ) From:

Answer: yeah i guess it is rare - not many have seen it BUT i am holding one in my hands in the pic, to compare to the regular lime green standard was released on blue sleeve, maybe about 500 copies in say 1988 or so. see pic for proof!
and heres a collection submitted by a reader of the blog- IMPRESSIVE!


Markus said...

Thats not BLUE thats GREEN or what?? PLease could someboby give a hint how I can get my collection of scum vinyls as a photo on this site??? Cheers

D said...

i guess the colors are in the eye of the buyer! BUT for us, no yellow editions were released.
the main edition - most pressed in the 80s/90s is offically called by us at the label anyway, lime green. the rare blue from 1988 is pictured, i cant see why you say its green! looks blue to me!
Actually when we made the new edition vinyl in 2002 (with barcode on back, which i am holding in the pic) it turned out slightly more yellow than the original, i guess.

BUT since you bought them, you can call them whatever colors you want bro.

upload your complete collection pic to a website and send the link using the ask earache form.we'll print it here.

Anonymous said...

Theres my SCUM COLLECTION I can do more Pics if you want There are 2 LPs missing I bought them but they didnt arrive yet so it nearly complete the two missing are a BRASILIAN PRESS (BLACK/WHITE COVER) and another re-issue with GREEN VINYL

Markus said...

ARRRGH forget the name hahaha ITS ME MARKUS

Andreas said...

Max said...

I am interested in Scum CD cover colors especially purple and orange ones.
Max Butcher
ND tribute page

Anonymous said...

I also have the Scum LP with the blue cover.
Thought it was green too! (colourblind)
Bought it in 1988 and never played it since I already had the one with the lime cover.
Never ever saw the one with the orange cover so that must have been a later release.