Monday, May 12, 2008

Biomechanical - Cannibalised faulty sound of CD?

Question: Hi there, first of all I\'d like to congratulate you guys for pleasing our ears with such great artists. The reason I\'m writing to you is in regards of something that\'s got me really worried, otherwise I wouldn\'t be writing to you at all since I don\'t tend to do this kind of stuff. The thing is that I bought Biomechanical\'s Cannibalised (love the band) when it came out (I\'m from P.R. so had to go to the hassle of ordering it) and I was just wondering if you guys have had any kind of complaintabout this album because the production is really really bad and the music can\'t be understood at all, I\'ve read about this on some reviews posted on the net and most people are complaining about the same matter. I\'d just like to know if there\'s any plans of remastering the album because I\'m dying to listen to the new music. I\'ll be honest, can\'t even understand the guitars let alone the voice, can\'t even tell what notes they are in, specially John K\'s.
Please, if there\'s anything that can be done with this matter I\'d really appreciate it as well as many (heard of some people downloading instead of buying because of this matter just to take the taste of the music)other Biomechanical fans.
Thanks a lot, G. From:

Answer: Ahhh bless your delicate ears..this is intense extreme modern heavy metal so better get used to it bro! We know what you mean but there is no plans to remaster the CD, it sounds as the band wishes it to be...Cannibalised is a highly futuristic, almost experimental, extreme listening album!We even had a warning on the promo CD so that journalists would realise its MEANT to sound that way, the album is called Cannibalised after all- slow ballads would not suit the concept.Biomechanical are a different animal on this album than on previous Cd's- i'd term them extreme heavy metal.The CD is not faulty, its produced by the band, mixed by Chris Tsangarides (Judas priest) and mastered by a top london mastering house, who did Sex Pistols, The Who etc.The mainman John K wanted it to sound agressive and angry and also to have cinematic, orchestral parts which the band are famous for aswell, tho those parts are in short supply, i agree,...I'm sorry if you were not expecting this type of sound from the band.The label was also shocked when they delivered the CD, but on repeated plays the picture becomes clearer and the frantic million mile an hour riffing begins to make sense.


Anonymous said...

I truly agree with you my friend. But believe me, I've been a fan of extreme metal for many years, have listened to records that as you may know have even a warnings about the type of sound decibel-wise and all, far more extreme than Biomechanical. Now these guys are a band that's gained my respect because of their technicality, blended in such a mixture of cinematic, futuristic, progressive styles made extreme on top of it, that equals "modern metal" just like u said, Biomechanical deliver true art. The truth is, I love to get my eardrums abused by over-the-edge music, but I also like/need to feel the presence (don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about atmosphere, Cannibalised is made of it just like passed albums, but it sounds too distant), not that "far away effect", not turning up the volume to hear the "far away" louder, I truly loved the record but the riff as well as John K's vocals were only 50% understood after repeated listens. I was also looking forward to the orchestral arrangements and cinematic experience that on "Empires" sounded so much clearer, I understand that the heavy stuff can be muddier and dirtier but not the cinematics which were overwhelmed in sort of a fuzz. But since as you said that's how they wanted it to sound (must've been the modern and new material produced a vintage techniques on purpose as John K has mentioned) then let's hope that the next album has a different approach towards prodution (just like this one, only clearer) so that Biomechanical can keep getting "extreme" to upper levels as they usually do.

Anonymous said...

The album is good but a bit too self indulgent, The Sneap production is far superior and would've leant itself more to their latest effort. It is extreme and I respect it but there are no real songs on here like on the last so it left me pretty cold.

I think also that if the new line up could match the original musically on stage, this could make a difference and maybe do more justice to Cannibalised.

They aren't good live anymore though.