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Early HC bands- Patareni/ Larm/ Fear Of God/ Filthy Christians

Question: Sorry to bombard with a whole host of questions but here goes...

1. Over the past couple of weeks, I\'ve been getting more into the Croatian grind band Patareni and wondered if you were even a fan of them or ever had any contact with them? Presumably, the Iron Curtain and the then on-going conflict hindered your ability to contact or meet them. I know that Seth Putnam was a MASSIVE fan of them and just wondered if you had any opinion on them?

2. Did you go see Larm in Brighton? I know Barney from ND is a huge Larm fan and they seem to have been hovering about with the British bands at the time?

3. I was reading an interview with Erich Keller of Fear of God, who stated that Earache had tabled an offer to release his stuff and swiftly got rejected. Can you shed any light on this?

4. A few people have complained about their copies of Nailed by Filthy Christians stopping working. Will you ever get round to compiling Nailed and the Split EP with G-ANX, and putting them and the demos on as extras to Mean for a full discography release? Are the CDs still readily available? Do you still stock them? From:

Answer: PATARENI? Who? I can honestly say today is the very first time I've heard of the band which is a bit pathetic given their internet reputation.I read your question and so had to do a bit of research. The Wiki on the band says they were one of the earliest grind bands with releases dating back to 1983.Errr, sorry, but I don't remember that! Thats a bit of wishful thinking created by somebody because personally speaking, I reckon grindcore as a style did not exist until Napalm Death created it and single-handedly popularised it on their Scum debut, in 1987. Before this groundbreaking release there were a select few speedy HC bands- DRI and SEIGE in the USA and LARM (pictured above) in Holland were most well known, plus our own HERESY in UK. Canada's NEOS, MOB 47 from Sweden or even UK's RUDIMENTARY PENI might be considered the precursors to the development of the short, fast intense sound.All were essentially HC punk bands coming from that scene.

None of the aforementioned bands had the heavy down-tuned metallised riffs mixed with the insanely fast drum speeds though. It was this down-tuned metallised guitar sound and gutteral vocals that characterised the early Earache Grindcore acts.Without that you were simply a generic (for the time) if speedy Hardcore band. Aswell as being heavier sounding, Napalm Death were also faster than all the others also. To obsessive observers of the HC scene like myself at the time, the band were playing some seriously 'new level' shit, they were a league above the rest in terms of intensity of performance, both live and on record, this is pretty much what made them the pioneers.

I agree, there was undoubtedly a thriving early-mid 80s European HC scene consisting of mid-paced politically minded DIY Hardcore punk bands: Negazione, Wretched and many more were my faves.Even then a select few decided to up the velocity, write shorter songs and up the intelligence factor in the lyrics.I considered the likes of Larm and Fear of God as those kinda bands-they were more influential on the coming power violence scene, to me, they were'nt metallised enough to be grindcore.

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