Monday, January 22, 2007

Favourite Earache release?

Question: Kind of a stupid question, but I was curious. What are your favorite Earache releases? Are there any that you really dislike, or wonder what you were thinking when you released it? From:

Answer:I've been asked this question a few times over the years- out of the 300+ titles Earache has released in 20 years, my all time favourites are Napalm's Scum and Carcass' Reek and Terrorizer's album, and i can honestly there are none or very few which i actively dislike..most bands have been carefully selected after much consideration, after all, and i personally signed their contract, so its a given, I must surely have liked them.Out of the newer bands- faves are Berzerker, Akercocke, Deicide,Ephel Duath, Municipal waste,Cult Of Luna, Biomechanical, Decapitated,Evile.

Generally, i tend to like our more out-there, more unique-sounding releases, most titles in the catalog are groundbreaking in a some way, sonically, lyrically, or in terms of the scene they represent, sometimes it might take a decade or more for the music to be accepted as such tho!!.Earache traditionally is ahead of the curve- we actively dislike to jump on anyones bandwagon, to mercilessly sign a string of bands sounding like the latest new new thing- we just dont do that.We prefer the mavericks, the outsiders, the bands unafraid to try somthing different.

Bands which i loved the most are some of Earache's least OLD, Ewigkeit, Shortie.All unique, forward thinking and extremely talented musicians, but cruelly overlooked by fans at the time of their releases.

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