Friday, November 04, 2005


Question: Is there any chance of a Misery Loves Co DVD / Greatest Hits CD?
Will the NextGen tour come out on DVD?

Hi Gethin,
Its the first time in years anyone has mentioned this incredible forward thinking swedish band. We did 3 albums by MLC between 1995-2000 all of which sound as fresh today as back then. In fact earache is still in touch with singer Patrik Wiren, who is now a writer for a national Swedish newspaper. If enough fans want a MLC retrospective its something we could consider i guess? the VHS which came out after the Next gen 1998 tour is the only document of MLC live.It also featured sets from Janus Stark, Pulkas and Dub War- Its been out of print for years.Check out all the MLC mp3s at


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