Friday, November 04, 2005


Question: HELLO ,robert here....i think it,s time for a NEW EARACHE VINYL re-release session....i love the colored editions for the US from 2002 (Altars,ATG,Reek,Symphonies Of,Terrorizer,Scum...),i live in EUROPE (Germany..) ,and i have spend more than 500 EURO to import all colors from the USA by myself....),i collect vinyl since 1988 and it is very easy to find a Original Pressing from Altars Of Madness or symphonies of Sickness in EUROPE...but earache have some old records that are much harder to find...all from this i will list now sells for 25-50 EURO on eBay....i think to made GREAT colored re-editions on VINYL is great for all collectors...and i hope EARACHE Records likes if they can sell some 1000 extra units....?
very rar and hard to find are ,mosh :33,49,59,69,73,81,70 ,necro.02 ...and still 143 AT THE GATES ,Slaughter Of The Soul VINYL....stiil rare even there was a re-release.....,Hope to hear from you...and all the best.....,robert( i have a lot Earache releases from 1987-1994 ,and Earache is back again....DECAPITATED,DEICIDE,EXMORTEM,Severe Torture....)

hey Robert- you Vinyl Freak!!
We have no plans currently to re-issue the old classics on vinyl, so ebay is your best you point out, the only pressings have been the originals in 1989- 92 and then the 2002 re-issue series.we do have some newer titles on vinyl- Beecher is on 5x 7" deluxe box set at the moment and in december comes the Municipal Waste LP, which will be a collectors classic in future years i expect. See our full list of vinyl at our Vinyl Store Good luck with your vinyl quest!

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