Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Question: You guys gotta hate these questions by now, but how about getting Disk Union to reissue the OLD (thats Old Lady Drivers for the young\'uns)back catalog? If not all, then at least get a CD of the first LP out there! A new generation needs to know that Dubin and Plotkin have lost their dentures!!!!!

Answer: wow- you guys do nothing but email us every single day about re-issuing our dead/ defunct bands from the 80's/90s!! and they sure don't come any more defunct than New Jerseys own OLD LADY DRIVERS.It frankly drives us crazy cos when we were issuing OLD cds and Lp's in 88-95 no-one gave a shit about them, at least sales-wise.They had no fans when they were recording for us, and played about 2 -count em- shows as OLD, now all of a sudden 15+ years later they are revered and sold/collected on ebay for megabucks.I guess Plotkins undoubted talents shone thru to you lot eventually with his myriad of later projects so fair play to him for sticking with it....Disk Union approached us about an Intense Degree CD, we never even thought about it ourselves..y'know about 2 years ago we succumbed to pressure and released Spazztic Blurr onCD for the first time, and we have a ton of those still unsold, so where did all you crazy-for-the-early-earache-shit collectors go then huh? I guess with ebay and mp3's most of our catalog is available in some form and its very reassuring that the talents of some of our early bands are still appreciated by folks like, you. So,Cheers!

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