Monday, July 07, 2008

Death's demos/out-takes and live CDs

Question: here\'s an interesting one what is earache\'s attitude to bands who self release demos and out takes alongside their offical back catolouge? are they allowed to do it or not? the best example i can think of is chuck of death( who from reading this blog is someone earache wanted to work with), he obviously self released a back catolouge of death out takes, alternative versions, songs that dont fit into the albums and demos for his entire career, what im wondering is if earache had signed him would you have stopped him from doing this? From:

Answer: I'm not sure how much you know of the DEATH HISTORY and the sequence of the band's releases, but I'm fairly certain when Chuck was alive he would never have wanted to release a ton of crappy live albums and demos/outtakes.Most musicians ONLY want their best work on sale, many are quite protective of their outtakes and prefer them hidden out of the public view, Earache generally agrees with this stance, using demos sparingly as japanese extra tracks is common though.
What you are missing is the actual reason for the release of so many outtakes/live CDs. Death made 7 killer, groundbreaking, genre-defining studio albums,on firstly Combat records and later on Nuclear Blast in the 80s-90s.These are some of the best Death metal albums ever recorded, Chuck literally invented the genre, then quite unexpectedly,at the peak of his creative powers, Chuck was cruelly diagnosed with a brain tumor, and passed away in December 2001.
To help pay for substantial medical bills and treatment- a series of live DVDs were quickly released by Nuclear Blast- the motivation was to keep chuck alive, not to showcase his live skills to fans.So the live in LA and Eindhoven DVD's/CDs were understandably shoddy and poor quality, but necessary.After his passing his mother and sister became in control of his estate, and I suspect a few years later arranged the demos/ outtakes of Chuck's other band 'Control Denied' on Hammerheart to again raise money for the Schuldiner family.

Heres Pull The Plug, one Death's Classics!

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