Thursday, July 03, 2008

Earache classic CD+DVD series

Question: Hello, my questions concern the Classic Series. There\'s a \"widget\" on Earache\'s myspace that shows Deicide, Mortiis, Cathedral, and Berzerker albums that have yet to be reissued as a part of the Classic Series.
How are those coming along?
Do you plan on continuing with this series of CD/DVD reissues? From:

Answer: Yes- well spotted- the series of a classic Earache back catalog CDs freshly repackaged with a FREE DVD has gone down really well with fans and the shops/retailers alike,i guess you can spot a bargain when you see one!So we are continuing it with the Cathedral, Carnival Bizzare with added "your God has landed" DVD, its in shops in late July.August brings Deicide Scars of the Crucifix with DVD of rare gig featuring the Hoffman brothers on guitar duties.
The Berzerker one we missed the chance to release it around the UK tour, we might rush release it to coincide with summer slaughter UK appearances.
Morbid Angel's Blessed Are The Sick is slated to receive the FREE DVD treatment aswell- DVD will be the band in studio talking about the making of the album and maybe a live show from the period.We would'nt mind doing TERRORIZER's CD or SLEEP or maybe a BOLT THROWER - we have to scour the archives for film footage first though.If you have any suggestions feel free to comment below.


Anonymous said...

is napalm death -F.E.T.O. and entombed - wolverine Blues in this series with live stuff of that era or maybe electro hipies (necro1)??

Anonymous said...

BRUTAL TRUTH!!!!!!! It makes perfect sense seeing as how they've reformed, there are a few others that would go down extremely well


Anonymous said...

How about a Cadaver Inc dvd as footage even on youtube does not exist? I already read the blog on Morbid Angel dvds but surley theirs some live footage that can be re-released with C or D. The Altars dvd is great but it's simply not enough nor is it fair on fans. And Yeah get a brutal truth dvd out that would be amazing.

Anonymous said...

massacre - from beyond. It should have a full interview with kam lee and terry butler from their recent shows.

azhar said...

how about issueing OLD on cd/dvd? im sure those grindcore pioneers will love that combo!