Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Earache & that dratted 'Techno Music'

Question: you mentioned in the scorn question that you liked \"street\" music im wondering what is earache\'s tips for the top at the moment? you got me into scott brown and i thank you for that! there are a few earache influenced dance acts doing the rounds eg cardiff drum and bass dj high contrast ( who has dropped ultraviolence\'s hardcore motherfucker in his sets in ibiza) and also dub duo vex\'d who are championed by mick harris himself just wondering who earache rates at the moment? From:

Answer: Wow- thanks for the info- Are you kidding? Ultraviolence played in clubs in Ibiza? ha ha thats nuts...that track came out in 1993- so only took 15 years! Main man Johnny Violent has been pretty ill lately and out of action- but heres the latest Ultraviolence tune- hard and abstract..leading the way as always.
Earache doesnt have anything to do with dance music or remix/DJ culture these days, we did a lot of extreme hardcore techno in the early-mid 90's, and I should make it 100% clear for any readers of a closed-minded disposition, we deal exclusively in 'proper' metal bands these days, so rest easy!!

..but since you ask for some cool Techno recommendations here they are -I'm no expert, but if i was playing a Techno DJ set, not that anyones ever asked me- heres what would be in it:

SCOTT BROWN- The godliest DJ and Hardcore Techno producer in the world.From concrete hard nu-style gabba that causes concussion at 10 paces, to UK top 40 hits, Scotty does it all with ease.
DJ SCOTCH EGG - Japanese crazy 8-bit Nintendo grindcore! The liveshow is simply incredible - 4 gameboys with melodies set to stun, plus gabba beats and grindcore screams, it does'nt even begin to describe the madness.
BILLY BUNTER - An Ultraviolence connection here again, as Billy "Daniel" Bunter did an early happy hardcore remix for the UV track 'Heaven is Oblivion in 90's.Lower bpms means he produces some hellishly popular but so pummeling HARD DANCE techno.
CLSM - Billy Bunter's co-conspirator John Doe does some powerful and attention grabbing hardcore, including the famous ode to the only DJ who cared to suppport and play Happy Hardcore on Radio 1-'John Peel Is Not Enough'.Legend.

BASSLINE/GRIME - Top speed-bass producers like EJ- i'm really into lately aswell.

AS you can see I only prefer bangin' techno & bass that hauls ass and fills dancefloors, not any kind of chin stroking ambient polite cerebral electronica..most stuff on Warp kinda bores me..

Finally, to round out the night- I'd close the set with this stormer.

Heres kids busting out their groove to mid-tempo Hard Techno- called 'Shuffling'- its getting enormously popular on the streets!

In France they call it Techtonik- its smoother techno, being French its altogether more sophisticated.

In UK we call it stomping!Nothing sophisticated about it- pure speedy rave! As seen on your local Council estate and heard blaring out of cheap cars everywhere.Brill.

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CernunnosTrismegistus said...

Vex'd is excellent. One of the truly menacing acts to come out of the grime/breakbeat garage/dubstep scene. Degenerate is a classic in my opinion. It's dubby, of course, but it really "hauls ass". People usually classify it as a dubstep album now, which isn't incorrect, but instead of the half-step beats that came to dominate the genre, the drums are much more frantic and slamming like the early grime and breakstep/breakbeat garage. Some of the tracks are basically hardcore drum n bass aesthetics transplanted into a garage/grime rhythmic context. Comparisons with some of Scorn's work is apt, but to my knowledge Mick Harris has never championed them because he hates dubstep. (Have a look at his contributions to the message boards at avalanchers.co.uk).

Digby, you ought to check some of it out if you haven't heard it before: