Friday, February 20, 2009

Moby with Ultraviolence on tour.

Question: is it true Ultraviolence once toured with Moby? from:

Answer: Yes, that was in 1996 when MOBY personally requested Ultraviolence to support him on the UK stint of his tour in support of then current album "Animal Rights".It was a lucky break for Ultraviolence and a wonderful opportunity to play to more people.At the time we assumed it came about because there were lots of fans of Ultraviolence at Moby's UK label Mute Records, from the founder Daniel Miller to artist Mark Stewart, so we guessed Moby picked up on Ultraviolence that way.It was a nice surprise.
Moby himself had broken through in the early 90s rave scene and was well respected at that time- Moby's records would do modestly and maybe chart in the UK Indie charts but it would be a few more years yet before his massive breakthrough ambient-electronica album PLAY album hit the airwaves and TV adverts.That album camed out in 1999 and propelled Moby into megastardom and has sold 10 Milion copies to date.

Unfortunately this 1996 tour took place during Moby's short-lived rock period, he had recently released a basically Indie rock record called "Animal Rights" and the entire set was rock, not electronic at all.Moby fans were perplexed and the gig turn outs were much lower than expected. Ultraviolence went down ok-ish even tho the high bpm hardcore techno he played was a million miles away from what Moby fans had come along to hear.

Heres Moby in his rock phase:

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