Thursday, October 22, 2009

Scorn re-issues? 2 X CD Box is Out November.

Question: Given the recent dubstep explosion is there anychance of scorn's evanesence or silver rain fell getting the reissue treatment? Being as it can be argued thats those two albums are the roots of the genre. Plus id love to see an interview with mick as to how he feels now those albums have had an effect on mainstream music. From:

Answer: I think you must have read our minds because yes, we do have plans to re-issue SCORN Cds. The classic 1994 album Evanescence and the 1995 remixes called Elipsis are to be released as a lo price 2x CD slipcase package. I think November 12th is the release date on our webstores.They have been out of print for probably 15 years.

If you saw our repackaging of Godflesh Cds recently, its like that.

As you noticed- the recent dubstep explosion has caused quite a lot of interest in Scorn.This was obvious to us also, mainly through questions to this blog actually. Ok nowadays the scene of 2009 is not directly anything to do with Scorn but it is remarkable how close they sounded to the blueprints of dubstep back in 1994. They also were close to the sound of Public Image Limited, who are touring again.

SCORN- Days Passed

PIL- Annalisa

Scorn- Time went slow (off Gyral)

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Have these been remastered?