Thursday, November 05, 2009

Deep Wound an influence on grindcore?

Question: I was reading in choosing death about how Deep Wound was one of the backbones of grindcore, im curious as to whether you agree with this or not? im curious as J Mascis acutally plays down Deep wound as a childish hardcore band from when they were kids ( im guessing dino jr has part reason for this), im just wondering should they really rank as highly as choosing death rate them being as you were there? From:

Answer: There was nothing that sounded like grindcore until it arrived, but all it really was, was speedy hardcore punk, down tuned, metallised and put through an accelerator.

So yeah I agree, at first listen Deep Wound aren't anything connected to grindcore, they predated grind by a few years, and were simply a teenage hardcore punk band.I personally used to love their first 7inch because I was always seeking out the fastest, rawest, gnarliest of new bands.The 7inch was a rare gem which had pride of place in my record collection, so I used to like showing it off, so used to copy it for everyone.

The opening track 'In my Room' boasted hella speedy chaotic drumming, courtesy as you say, of a 15 yr old J. Mascis.

They deserve their brief mention in Choosing Death, but I would'nt say they were the backbone of the scene, far from it. They did show the upcoming generation of what drum speeds were possible. Hardcore punk boasted a lot of ultra fast bands, and i used to love them all- faster the better.Faves were the DRI first EP 1982, and even the Dead Kennedys In God we Trust Inc record from 1981 was incredibly intense and speedy for its time.

Dead Kennedys Religious Vomit 1981

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