Saturday, March 04, 2006

At The Gates- Slaughter Of The Soul dualdisk edition.

Question: Are you re-releasing At the Gates - Slaughter of the soul again in 2006-04-28?
Which extra tracks and/or other bonus material will be on it?
Sorry to say I missed this great album when the limited slip-case was out in 2002. From:

Answer:This weekend 5th march, Earache has arranged for the old members of ATG to gather together at Fredman Studio in Gothenberg to be filmed for a Documentary style DVD, by acclaimed video director Patrick Ullaeus. This will form the DVD side of the Slaughter Of The Soul Dualdisk we have down to release late april/may.

The band are not scheduled to actually 'play' anything( sadly)- but instead will talk on camera about the making of the legendary album and the bands history.Original producer of the album Fredrik Nordström will be playing back songs from the multitracks masters for the fans to hear and band to reminisce about .It should be essential viewing for any fan, and a history lesson in the making of a groundbreaking cd which set the Gothenberg scene alight on its original release in 1995.

The Cd side is the original album.

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