Tuesday, March 21, 2006

MA 'Altars' pic disc

Question: How many copies will there be printed of the new \"Alters of Madness\" picture disc LP? From: minuutje@yahoo.com

Answer: 1500 copies of the new pic disc with extra vinyl track"Lord of All Fevers and Plague' added were made. 750 of which exported to USA. The orginal Pic disc came out in early 90's and had a colour pic of the band on the reverse.this new edition has a b/w pic of the band.see the editions on Earache's catalog page

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dj brut said...

my copy of the "Alters..." pic disc came w/a 7"ep. it has no info on it whatsoever! what the heck!? one track is a instrumental...Morbid demo[s]?