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Cult of Luna FIRE WAS BORN DVD +/- CD

Question: Hi, i am a massive cult of luna fan, so i cannot wait for the dvd to be released. However, i\'ve noticed that in the U.K. it is only coming out as a bonus disc with eternal kingdom, as i already have this cd and plan on getting it on vinyl soon i don\'t want another copy. This dvd is more than worthy of its own case and i dont think having it as a free bonus disc does it justice. Is there any way i can get my hands on the proper dvd release and will it work on my dvd player here in england? Where is the best place to pre-order it? Sorry for the long winded question and thanks in advance,
Gaz From:

Answer: The DVD on its own does exist, but only in Sweden.You could order the DVD on its own from Sweden's biggest online music retailer if you want, for 149 Swedish Kronor.Its NTSC DVD and will play on any system/TV.
I'll explain the reason why we dont have it on sale here in UK like that, as a simple DVD in case. Its released here as Eternal Kingdom CD + FREE Fire Was Born DVD included as a bonus. Its not ideal, I agree, if you already have the CD, it seems wasteful to buy it again just for the DVD.
But our motivation is NOT to rip fans off, its actually to maximise the number of fans who are able to watch the DVD actually, because the retailers in general order less DVDs than music CDs. DVDs on their own are seriously restricted in outlets- sadly the major retail chains like HMV in UK, do not take music DVDs seriously (unless you are Madonna) they think DVDs are for James Bond movies, not music, and would order a very low number for a band like Cult Of Luna.

On the other hand, luckily the CD/Music section of the same HMV store has another person controlling the stock, these people do take CDs with bonus material inc DVD very seriously and so order more copies because of this quirk.The CD acts as a Trojan Horse to get the DVD into stores.It also acts as a juicy bargain to tempt fans who has previously perhaps naughtily downloaded the CD to finally come clean and purchase a great CD + DVD package, because it is amazing value.

The end result of all this formating malarky is this- by adding the DVD to the already available CD, approx FIVE times as many DVDs are able to be sold/ given away.

Heres "Adrift" from the FIRE WAS BORN DVD:

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