Thursday, November 06, 2008

Evile footage from Xmas party 07?

Question: Hey Earache, just wondering what happened to the footage shot at last years Xmas party at the Purple Turtle? I know the Evile set was filmed, possibly for release as a bonus DVD, but nothing seems to have surfaced. Any chance of that footage being released? From:

Answer: If you were at our Xmas party in december 07 you'll know that Evile played a storming set to the assembled partygoers, and yes we did film the whole gig,including Gama Bomb & Blood Red Throne as we always do.The footage is shelved for now,same as the footage we shot of the band in Liverpool in August (supporting Muni waste).When we played it back the Xmas party footage is pretty dark on stage so its not really up to release standard.Evile do have a new 2hr DVD out right now - it comes FREE with the redux edition of the Enter the Grave CD, and includes various footage from the bands tour with MEGADETH across europe, plus in the studio with Flemming Rasmussen, and in rehearsal, plus various interviews with the band members.

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