Sunday, November 09, 2008

Godflesh 2 CD & DVD mega-value pack

Question: what will be on the DVD of the Godflesh \"Songs of Love and Hate\" re-release? From:

Answer:Its a 2CD +DVD mega value pack- retailing around £10.Containing The 1996 Cd of Songs of Love and hate, the CD of Love and Hate in Dub (remixes) and also the DVD "In All Languages" (containing all the promo clips the band ever made..err 4 of them).All the material has been previously released but hasn't been in print for years.Since the demise of the band we notice a steady trickle of interest in GODFLESH back catalog, we assume by newly fledged fans who are possibly getting into Justin's current band Jesu, and then working backwards investigating Justin Broadricks formidable body of work created during the 90's as GODFLESH.Also with the new Guns n Roses album Chinese Democracy finally out this month, featuring Brian 'Brain' Mantia on drums, we figured it would'nt hurt to point out that Brian (pic above) also drummed on Songs Of love and Hate.
If you are a denizen of the Avalanchers forum you can read ridiculous speculation- like 5.1 DVD-Audio surround sound mixes and the such like- but nah its a rather plain and simple mega-value pack.It did occur to us that the DVD portion of the pack is rather scant,so I emailed Justin to see if he'd be up for being filmed for an interview one afternoon,so it had some new bonus material in the form of in person commentary on the albums creation, or something like that, but no reply yet.

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