Thursday, June 11, 2009

How do we pick the bands we sign?

Question: What is the main factor of yor interest in the submitted band\'s demo?
On what things you firstly draw youê attention (music, composition, quality of studio recording, other factors)?
Does every demo submission receive your either positive or negative feedback?
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Answer: That's the question I get asked the most on this blog- probably half the questions received are like this. I've answered it many times on here- try using the search box at the top left, enter : how to get signed. Or read THIS.

The instructions on our website- see contact section- state that we need a myspace link, not a CD demo in the post. This is because we can tell more about you from such a page - be it from the number of daily plays to the number of bulletins you are sending. We assess how ambitious you are and how much touring you are doing by the number of dates listed on the page. The music is important of course, we are looking for original-sounding bands who can be successful and dont mind working hard.Unlike most labels, we think its NOT essential to sound like everyone else does, or aspire to be just like whatever is selling huge at the moment. Earache traditionally falls for pioneering bands who display a futuristic slant on extreme music, even if it is a retro slant, which currently is in vogue.

Image is very important for most labels- the quality and style of the clothes and haircuts of the band is paramount to many if not all of the big labels, but Earache's acts have never been chosen because of this factor- just take a look at our bands pictures on the website for proof! (with honorable exceptions of Akercocke or Cult Of Luna, who do pride themselves on great style in their photo shoots)

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