Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Entwined -UK metal band from 98?

Question: So...Entwined is under your label. I followed them while they were underground almost four years ago, but then they kind of disappeared. No new albums or anything. What happened to them? From: lessismore@live.com

Answer: Well i think you have a memory-lapse dude, cos you mean more like 10 years ago surely?.In actual fact Earache did one album by this short-lived Uk gothic-tinged metal band in 1998!! No one really cared about them at the time,fans never embraced their type of unashamed METAL (they were ahead of the resurgence in true metal) hence the short lived career.Y'know, you might well be the first person to mention the name in a decade to us.We have no clue what the ex-members are doing now, its a fair bet they are not in music, and have 'proper jobs' now, because they were smart, educated dudes. heres a interesting WEBSITE circa 98 that was operating in 1998, and is still online- a real time capsule glimpse into what a metal bands website looked like, circa late-90's.

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