Monday, June 30, 2008

Neurosis on Earache?

Question: Did earache really try to sign neurosis back in the day? as from what ive been reading justin broadrick and shane embury were both champions of the band and steve von till has said how they have been approached by nearly every label around the globe. From:

Answer:Well, thats what this little blog is for- dont beleive everything you read bro... Nah, that one is wrong, Earache never really crossed paths with Neurosis, I've known about em since day 1 when they were a HC punk band- but strangely I've never been a massive fan, and anyways the band have always had label before i even began Earache.Before Relapse they were on Dead Kennedys label Alternative Tentacles and since Relapse have been on their own label Neurot- Neurosis are strong proponents of the DIY way of doing business, which is fine.I dont think I've even seen the band- thats how little we cared, i consider them a bit too long in the tooth to be doing much fresh, tho people tell me the live shows are some of the most stunning ever.

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