Saturday, June 21, 2008

South West UK scene blowing up bigstyle

Question: firstly i want to thank earache for signing Ignominious Incarceration and finally taking notice of the Bath/Bristol/South West Scene, Are there any other bands from the region that you are looking at out of interest such as maybe bristol deathcore band burning skies or swindon based dark angel style thrashers darkness descends? From:

Answer: thanks for the kind words...yeah we love what Ignom are doing so snapped em up- with luck, they could make Wellington Death Metal more famous than the Wellington Boots!To be honest its not like we notice where a band is from- great bands come from all over the place (cept London & New York where there are - alarmingly-no good metal bands whatsoever, beleive me, I've checked).

Some of the best most original music is made by bands on the fringes, in the suburbs..

As for Burning Skies we know of them- a good band, are doing well- but somehow they didnt grab us with the vocals, and Darkness Descends we've never heard of at all, cant even find a myspace. Bands from South West we have our eye on are Seregon, Terrahorn and naturally the biggest band lately is Trigger The Bloodshed who we, rather stupidly, passed on.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad earache signed Ignom as they ROCK! it's also refreshing to know that even if you come from the arse end of nowhere, big labels still take an interest! The SW metal scene is indeed growing strong but we still need more venues puting on good music, so we can get all the fan outs to do what they love and mosh their hearts out!

Up the Shire Metal!

Traitor Born

jamie oldfield said...

what about the band
through the abyss?
they're relatively new and have some good songs on their page
and good professional recordings
what do you think of them?