Wednesday, June 04, 2008

(Metal + Punk) x Shred= BONDED BY BLOOD!

Question: Hey guys how are you doing? I recently discovered BBB from a youtube video I saw of their guitarist. I will get their album once its out here in the US. I\'m a big vinyl collector and I was wondering if there will be any vinyls of this album? Another quick question, Why are the UK and US dates so far part from each other? Anyways, I cant wait to see them Live and get the Album from what I heard on Myspace they are great. Music is played very tightly and they sort of have a punk attitude. Definetly a band to look out for. Im tired of the rest of the California scene BBB is a breath of fresh air. Thank You Earache.

-Fred Swanson

Answer: Welcome Fred! Glad you checked out BBB and like what you saw- you are damn right, they are a remarkable new band...I am playing the album constantly and It is simply devastating-hands down, the best of 2008.
FEED THE BEAST is true modern crossover--its a mix of classic punky snot-nosed attitude (some riffs- Mind Pollution or Civil Servant- remind me of old UK punk legends EXPLOITED) with tight, thrashy REAL DRUMS, which actually sound dynamic and lively, instead of the triggered/processed crap which passes for drums in metal these days.. and to top things off is the stunning OTT guitar shredder that is Mr. Alex Lee (who is incredibly humble about his amazing talents) which makes BONDED BY BLOOD a unique band in the new Thrash scene, and one, lets not forget, barely out of their teens.
To answer your question: CD is out JUne 24 in USA- hurry to get the 2 xtra tracks edition, June 9 in UK..the album is now on sale on Itunes Europe.Vinyl edition is coming ina few months- you'll have to get the CD first dude.The delay in the vinyl is so we can see how BBB sales are going- it will make us decide how lavish the Vinyl should be- either 2 x LP gatefold or single pic disc.Vinyl does not always sell out we find..its a tricky format to sell as retailers do not generally carry it, its a direct sale thru the mail usually.

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