Friday, June 06, 2008

Next Big Trend in Metal?

Question: Being as earache seem to be able to see into the future as to trends before they break and since you predicted the new wave of thrash whats the next big metal craze on the horizon then? From:

Answer: thank you for noticing- and for overlooking the fact that earache missed the entire genres of Black Metal & Gothic metal and Nu-Metal and Emo/Screamo (maybe that was for the better eh?) Sooo let me gaze into my crystal ball..aaaannnd its coming up with 8-bit Nintendo blip-grindcore dude.Like THIS.
You can take that to the bank dude.
Plenty of scene watchers predict the return of D-BEAT to prominence actually..its overdue, and Relapse has an entire compilation dedicated to the genre coming soon i hear.

Or try the return of NWOBHM !! yeah,that and Brootal Modern Death metal with sub-bass which is kicking up a storm already- sounding exactly like THIS THIS THIS- but not at the same time obviously, that would be plain silly.Also try THESE as a long shot.Its a fair bet the future of metal is somewhere in the picture above.
I am available for paid consultancy- rates negotiable, but only if it includes beer, and pizza on demand.

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