Tuesday, June 03, 2008

How big is a BIG metal act??

Question: my band recently played to 150 in my home town, we regularly get good crowds even out of state.MY question is, how big do we have to get signed to a label like Earache? From:

Answer: Thats a tricky one to answer, because "bigness", like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.150 kids coming to your shows is impressive in some ways, but it depends what kinda kids are seeing you-if its just family & friends you might be in the dreaded "local act circuit', in which case you are kinda stuck.Every town has them, even major cities like New York and London have their share of local scene bands, who draw impressive crowds, but never break out on the road, even regionally, and consequently don't generate any wider, national buzz or create new fans.

In Earache's own home town of Nottingham UK, there is a thriving 'local band scene'where some bands play maybe 4 times a year, and are treated like legends in the town.For these special events, they invite all friends and family, and its like a massive private party- the band knows personally everyone in the crowd and ham it up to the max, and everyone is entertained- after the triumphant show, they simply can't understand why Earache doesnt 'snap em up' immediately..Its cos they are too local.
Many local bands dont take the show on the road, preferring to lap up the adulation on the doorstep..so it doesnt grow any bigger.If the same band played even 20 miles down the road at say Derby, the crowd would be 5 people.
The bands Earache signs have to have wider appeal than being local 'superstars'.

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