Sunday, June 29, 2008

why no Morbid Angel DVD onsale?

Question: hi guys,i was wondering why there is no morbid angel dvd besides the altars of madness reissue.for example a dvd featuring a live show/videos/interviews etc.for a successful band with 8 full length albums i find it strange when bands with just 1 album have dvd\'s available!with m.a. being on a couple of different labels in their career could pose a problem but other bands have been in the same situation but still released one! From:

Answer: yeah I agree its kinda weird that a band who are as legendary and influential as Morbid Angel have no DVD instores AT ALL.The reason is this: the band are incredibly picky and perfectionist in everything they release to the public, from art to audio to video, it has to be 100% perfect,as they see it, before it can be sold to the fans.When the band recorded their live CD "Entangled In Chaos" they did not do the traditional thing- record a gig and release it, instead they recorded EVERY gig on a 20 date USA tour, in the process lugging a 24trk machine to every show (this was before protools/digital recording techniques) and the eventual CD is an amalgam/segue from 3-4-5 different gigs on that tour. Its an admirable stance, but Its downside is- still no DVD instores.

Earache has been the only label (despite wikipedia saying their first label was New Renaissance? huh - wrong- who writes that junk anyway?) that has released every recording by the band in its entire history so far,a period spanning 20 years, and beleive me we have tried to coax em into doing a DVD many times, but since we appreciate the stance of the members, we agreed to defer any DVD.Earache does have tons of footage of the band in the can- pro-shot, multi camera classic gigs- none have been deemed perfect enough, so we are waiting for the "okay".The reason the 1989 footage from Nottingham Rock City was released on the DualDisc of Altars Of Madness was because even tho its not perfect, its rarity and sheer archive value of the band playing songs right after the release of the debut, outweighed those concerns, rightly so.

The latest wrinkle in the negotiations is the fact that footage including the latter period singer Steve Tucker (F, G, H albums) is now redundant as original singer David Vincent returned to the Morbid fold after nearly a decade away.Fans checking out the latest tour will notice no songs from the F, G H albums are aired anymore.So its 2 Morbid Angel-eras in our back catalog now, which seemingly will never mix.

We are planning however on a Blessed Are The Sick special dualdisc edition, with footage and interviews with the members talking about the early days of the band.

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