Friday, March 27, 2009

Ghost releases-Citizen & !T.O.O.H! = W.H.O?

Question: In relation the rejecting art question you forgot to mention !T.O.O.H! but my real question is where do you stand on this topic , why so hard on such a innovative band?? and why was there a need to delete all traces of them off the website?? From:

Answer: We didnt reject their cover art- we rejected everything about them, we wanted to distance ourselves from the band, the album, the label and A&R guy they came from, because it was bad for business.We don't promote bands on the site who are'nt on Earache dude, thats common sense surely? TOOH's timing was unfortunate-they were never technically released by Earache, because they were the last-gasp during the final death-throes of the closing down of the underperforming Elitist sub-label, which was running from 01-05.It's been blogged about HERE and the Elitist plug-pulling explained HERE.Earache has several 'ghost' releases- ones that never saw light of day- but none come back to haunt us as regularly as T.O.O.H.

US grinders CITIZEN had their album 'Manifesto For The New Partiot' canned and shelved too, because we ended and shut down our license with Codebreaker records at the same time as closing Elitist, but since the Codebreaker label boss Duncan is not a drama queen, and understood it was purely business, that ending went un-reported.We even advertising the Citizen release on our Site,and it still often finds its way into our catalog as MOSH325 but its non existant.You'll never be able to find an Earache copy as the deal was scrapped before the printing started, if you do, be sure to sell it on ebay for megabucks as our ghost release.

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Rakoth was the shittiest band ever relessed on Earache.