Thursday, March 05, 2009

Resistant Culture-LA's Crust-Punk band

Question: What\'s the story on Resistant Culture (Los Angeles). Why are they so mysterious in the metal/grindcore scene? Native American vocalist, female guitarist, former member of Napalm Death, current member of Terrorizer??? Why are they considered a \"well kept secret\"???... From:

Answer: This is my first time checking out Resistant Culture actually, and it seems a pretty cool crusty-punk band. The only mystery is why d'ya pretend you're not actually in the group dude? Anyways, It was a shock to see Jesse Pintado (RIP) in your video, now I understand why you mentioned the Napalm Death and Terrorizer connection.It must have been one of the last video recordings of Jesse before his untimely and tragic death.Rest in Peace, bro.

Back to the band-I think I know why you are off the radar of most metal/grind kids- your message may be very strong and heartfelt but your riffs don't seem 'metallised' enough or the vocal delivery vicious enough, maybe? The native North American chanting has more passion in it then the entire rest of the vocals which seem deadpan in comparison.Wheres the anger gone? I know The LA grind sound which Nausea/ Terrorizer popularised back in the day was deliberately mid-paced to accentuate the power, but even when you go 'fast' your songs sound fairly pedestrian -polite, even- when compared to say Pisschrist for instance, who are my fave crust-punk d-beat band currently.

I was impressed by your website which for a crusty band is incredibly slick, its design and usefulness is one of the best i've ever seen, I take it someone works in web-design for a living? And the flash game is pretty radical, its actually mindblowing and if some well-known major league metal band had released such a game it would be heralded as a major breathrough.So massive props to you for that.


Anonymous said...

LOL at a guy asking why HIS OWN band is a well kept secret.

Maybe because your music is fucking terrible.

The only reason people even check out this abomination is because they name drop Terrorizer and Napalm Death. YOU WERE ONLY SCAB MEMEBERS. Don't try to live off other people's glory.

Anonymous said...

Yea I noticed that too. What kind of question is that for a dude to ask about his own band? That's some pretty arrogant shit. You're a real rockstar, bro. And a flash game? For a fucking crust band? Really?!?!