Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Morbid Angel original painting of Blessed art

Hey! I don't have a question for you, but something to share with the readers of the Ask Earache blog, which I find to be very interesting. I'm a huge fan of Blessed Are the Sick, and on a recent European trip with my girlfriend, we had a fun opportunity. After some plans fell through in France, we decided to visit Brussels for the day, and being the bizarro metal fan that I am, something clicked in my brain and I did a little Internet research into something that I'd looked up years before. My lady isn't into metal, really, but supported my fandom by taking the picture I've attached, which is from the Brussels Fine Arts Museum.

Brought my copy of the LP all the way from Chicago just to make it full-circle. Enjoy!


Answer: Thanks Dave, this blew our minds in the office as we've never seen the original painting by Jean Delville It's way larger than we imagined. I think we received the art on transparency or suchlike from the museum at the time we made the album, so had no idea of the huge scale of the art.This is a great pic,I'm happy to share it with the blog readers, cheers for sending dude!

This got me thinking along similar lines, if anyone knows where HR Giger's Life Support sculpture is located, I would'nt mind seeing the original of that too, the sculpture was used for Carcass' Heartwork opus. Click pic to enlarge.

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Anonymous said...

This is ABSOLUTELY MINDBLOWING man, Thanks for sharing, a true priviledge to see!!!!

Born again in Blasphemy...Thy Kingdom Come!!!!