Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Question: The store here has been trying to order me a Carcass shirt (dunno from where) for a long time, and hasn\'t been able to get any. Are they still available at all? I don\'t have a credit card, so would make ordering one myself harder if you had them through yourselves. Please let me know, as I have been trying to get my hands on one for more than 10 years now...
Liz From:

Answer: You will be waiting till doomsday for a Carcass shirt!Legal Carcass shirts don't exist anywhere cos the band never granted anyone the license to manufacture their shirts.Earache used to do shirts in the early days, and the band themselves were quite self sufficient whilst touring in 92-95 or so,they made and sold countless shirts of their own design.But since then- nada. Actually the best bet for a proper carcass shirt from the era is on ebay- the seller 'lee marvin' in Nottingham is the actual old manager of the band, he sells original carcass shirts that happen to be 'lying around' - he has a seemingly endless supply. Good luck.

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