Thursday, January 12, 2006

Work experience at Earache?

Question: do u guys offer internships? From:

Answer: we most certainly do, and its fair to say that most of the current staff in the UK office and USA office were originally unpaid interns (work experience) who worked with us for a few weeks, or in some cases, months, and we found them to be hard working individuals who we just couldnt do without, so made them employees.Its the easiest way into the 'biz', i guess from our perspective we are always looking for folks who will go the extra mile to acheive an aim, who are reliable and intelligent and can work as part of the team- showing us your talents for free for a week or two demonstrates you have what it takes to succeed in the biz, and will, in turn, give you a look at what a real indie label is like to work at- its not pretty!

If you thrive on long hours of hardwork during the day, plus attending gigs in the evenings and weekends,standing at the bar buying your fellow co-workers beers all evening, for little or no reward, hardly any gratitude from the artists you are slogging yer guts out for, all for the 'satisfaction' of working in the music biz, then the Indie label Rock music industry NEEDS you NOW!!

Still interested? - send cv (resume) to the contact email addys in the contacts section of this site, we get many seeking this opportunity, so you'll have to make your application stand out in some way- we find sending it by post with 4 cans of quality beer in the package mark you out as already highly skilled in the art of persuasion, and you'll no doubt go far..(Note: Rob Harris, the current UK Assistant label manager sent tea bags in with his work experience application, bless him) .

Goes without saying, you'll need to be able to attend our offices @ either 38th Street, New York City USA or Theatre Square, Nottingham, UK to qualify.

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