Saturday, January 14, 2006

HAUNTED- why did Earache lose em?

Question: why did you lose the haunted From: Unknown.

Answer: At The Gates signed a 4-album deal with Earache in 1995 or so, and released their final classic "slaughter of the soul' Album the same year before splitting up, after grueling touring schedules.The contract allowed for us to pick up any new projects the ex-members formed.Tomas went on to form some short lived Hardcore-type bands which Earache did not pick up, the rest of the band teamed up with Jensen and Peter Dolving to form a brand new outfit, The Haunted, which 'inherited' the previous Earache deal.
This formed the seed of the long standing grievance between The Haunted towards Earache- the new members never had a chance to shop for a record deal properly, because the majority of thier band mates-the Bjorler twins and Adrian -already had one with us, which after the situation was explained to them, Jensen and Peter then sort of signed into, albeit very reluctantly.
Anyways- after 3 further Haunted albums from 99- 2003 their contract was duly completed with Earache. Pure n simple.We and the band were quite happy with how the sales were shaping up at that point, but the seeds of doubt always remained between band and label spoiling any chance of us re-signing the band.The Haunted signed to Century Media records in 2004 where they currently remain.

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