Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Question: im sure you guys get thousands, but do you listen to unsolicited demo\'s? and where do your a&r guys hang out for new talent? From: gimpychimp21@msn.com

Answer: we do sign bands from unsolicited demos- we have a pile of them in the UK and USA offices, we listen to them all eventually- the latest band to be signed that way is URKRAFT.Our website explains the procedure to send a demo in the contacts section. We also have a form where you can send a link to an mp3. Our A&R guys are based in Nottingham UK and NYC USA- where our offices are.The rock hang outs of Nottingham are Rock city, Old Angel, Tap N tumbler, Junktion 7- and we are in them all the time, seeing bands. Plus when our bands play we always check out the opening acts.The best way to get signed is just get out there - TOUR!..if you can attract a crowd on the live circuit..we will get to hear about you!

Actually myspace.com is the most brilliant tool for presenting your band now..with one click we can hear your music.

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