Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Question: i have 2 questions. first is why have i stopped recieving things from you guys. i was on the street team and i dont recieve stuff anymore. I passed it all out everytime i got it. I currently moved my new adress is 6318 w. 60th street chicago illinois and my name is ted gruenwald. my second question is.... is decapitated gunna still play that show the 28th with nile and hypocrisy in sauget, illinois??? i heard that they broke up and pulled off the tour From: metalted@comcast.net

Answer: I guess you are a Blabbermouth.net reader huh? they wrongly proclaimed that the band had split, but they were wrong.No,Decapitated did not break up, they are playing with Nile on that tour RIGHT NOW!As for the street team we have been a bit slack lately with geting promo and stuff to you guys..but we might be sending packages out again soon.

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