Thursday, January 12, 2006

Exitium join Deepsend records!

Question: Was wondering if you put up unrelated metal news on the earache news page. if so, i was wondering if this could possibly be posted...

Norman, Oklahoma based grindcore act Exitium have officially joined the Deepsend Records roster. Formed in 2001, Exitium have one prior full length release entitled \'Mechanical Expressions of Purpose\' on Compulsive Blasphemer Records. Already recorded and mastered, Exitium\'s sophomore effort \'Outsourcing Morality\' is to be relased on Deepsend sometime in the spring of \'06. Look for Exitium to be on the road supporting \'Outsourcing...\' immediately after the official release.

Check out the band here: From:

Answer: here it is. posted. Not quite the front page of but this 'ask earache' section is a better quality read anyway, right?!

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