Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Question: hey i\'m in the US and i been trying for months to get the Mortiis dvd every site i go to says its backorder but all the UK sites say they have can you explain this to me From:

Answer: yeah- its out instore for months in UK/Europe on DVD encoded (by mistake) in the european PAL system, and that is the problem- USA TV system is different- its NTSC- so this version will not play on US tv's (actually modern TV sets made in recent years can handle both PAL and NTSC it seems, as can dvd players on computers, luckily)..BUT very soon the USA edition of the DVD will be on sale!! Rest assured!

y'know, this DVD is a complete mess from beginning to end..the standing joke at earache is ~ Mortiis must be cursed or something!!To start with,the original film of the show that makes up the main feature of the DVd was almost lost for ever, as by the time Mortiis got round to finishing the audio mix, the girl who filmed it, and had the master tapes in her possession, had left the film business, disappeared, and was uncontactable, so we had to literally call at her old house countless times to collect the tapes.Its a miracle its even out at, please Enjoy it !

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