Monday, January 16, 2006

GRINDCORE DVD from early 90s?

Question: Hi,
You used to have a VHS title that was called something like DEATH, THRASH AND GRIND SPECIAL. It had a Florida Death metal segment on it and it also had NAPALM DEATH interview that was around when they released Harmony Corruption. I really want to track this down again.
Lee From:

Answer: what you want is the Hard n Heavy DVD 'Grindcore-85 Minutes of Brutal heavy metal' released in USA on VME/Fuel 2000.It is a re-issue of a VHS released in around 1992 in the uk on the now defunct Fotodisk label, who took an interest in the burgeoning death metal/grind scene in the uk and put together a now-classic look at the scene, with Earache founder Dig explaining what the bands all stood for along with now priceless footage of napalm death. morbid Angel, carcass, Nocturnus, Bolt hrower, Entombed, paradise Lost, godflesh, + sonic violence and cerebral fix and more.searching the web I find its available from a UK back catalog company

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