Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Secret Earache DVD 'Easter Eggs'

Question: Ok now I don\'t know whether you\'ll be able to answer this, but here goes...I bought the icrusher 2 dvd but there was supposed to be a code on it to reveal the hidden Rabies Caste video and I can\'t find it. I was wondering whether you could direct me to the code or tell me what the code is if you know.

Thanks From: autonutter

Answer: Many of the Earache DVDs carry hidden rare bonus material, accessed by a secret code to unlock it - known as Easter Eggs-(or alternatively you can use ripping software nowadays to reveal all the files on the disc) So, yeah it is there.First pressings of the Icrusher 2 DVD will have the code written on the back(white) side of the paper cover, you can see the rabies caste clip by entering code 219 114 3677 during the main menu screen. On Icrusher 1 DVD enter 2698 during the main menu screen to access a rare video gem.Immortalised DVD has bonus live footage of some bands accessed by highlighting the earache logo.Good luck finding the easter eggs!

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