Thursday, January 19, 2006

what HOFFMAN BROTHERS doing now?

Question: what are the hoffman brothers doing these days?
From: Unknown.

Answer: Deicide did some amazing work on the 2004 Album "Scars of the Crucifix" which reaffirmed the bands place as Death Metal leaders,with the proud boast of having kept the same original line up since the beginning-all was going GREAT- then quite unexpectedly, Glen and the Hoffman brothers developed a deep rift, based on the % split of songwriting shares on publishing income from the album. The Hoffman brothers quit the band whilst on tour, it seems in protest at Glen claim over the lions share of Publishing money.Both sides got legal advice and exchanged legal letters for a while, arguing their cases over who wrote what songs etc- meanwhile Glen recruited Jack Owen and eventually Ralph Santolla aswell to keep Deicide on the road and in fact played more shows further afield, South America, korea etc with the new line up. The Hoffman brothers discontinued their case when it was proved their share was fair- they did not write as much of the album as they claimed.By then the damage was done and it seems there was no way back into deicide for them..Earache took no sides in the arguement, encouraging the parties to settle their differences, as both sides remained signed to the label.

The Hoffman brothers have now regrouped and are talking about forming AMON- trying to recruit a Floridian drummer and bassist/vocalist is proving difficult tho.When they do complete the line up, an AMON album should surface on earache at some stage.

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