Wednesday, January 11, 2006

DEATH METAL's top 5 all time bands

Question: Death metal is fun. Who are the best selling deathj metal bands of all time according to record sales and overall popularity (and /or success)? Please list at least the top five and not five of the top something else. From:

Answer: thats a tough question- on sales it easy enough to add up the totals of each band in USA via a system called soundscan that reports actual over the counter sales to labels. Blabbermouth website did that about a year ago and discovered the top selling death metal album of all time is Deicides 'Legion',with about 140,000 sold in USA, but soundscan only started counting sales in 1994, so sales before that were not included.Bands that have released more albums invariably have sold more over their career too.
Heres our top 5 All time Death metal bands- based on guesswork of worldwide career sales and 'popularity/influence'
1. Morbid Angel
2. Cannibal Corpse
3. Deicide
4. Napalm Death/Carcass
5. Death

Of the newer bands around some of the European bands are fast approaching the sales once achieved by the original wave of 90's USA acts- In Flames, Archenemy and Cradle of Filth and Emperor and Opeth are obvious contenders.

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