Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Aussie Deathcore/Grind scene

Question: Does earache still keep an eye on the aussie metal scene or not? I mean there is a large amount of deathcore bands coming from down there and how many modern deathcore vocalists do you think will say they took their influence from the likes of i killed the prom queen or parkway drive from looking at influence listed on myspace sites im guessing a few. theres also the experimental psychadelic death metal band portal hailing from down there as well as a large grind scene that seems to be led by dave hill with his bands like dead and the day everything became nothing. Im just curious of how with such a developed extreme music scene and bands who honestly seem to not to give a shit about being big but as brutal as possible earache seemed to have signed one of the weaker ones in the berzeker. From:

Answer: Yeah, Earache watches out for anything from down-under, mainly because the Aussie bands are always hundred percenters in everything they do, and over the top is the natural style, which we like. Also Earache's US label manager hails from Perth originally.

Thanks for the scene report-Fuck I'm Dead are a bit of a legend round here, I love what they do.On the other hand, I'm not too crazy aboutI killed the Prom Queen orParkway Drive though both have been hugely influential for the past 3-4 years you can't deny that.

It might have been a big mistake when we declined to license the debut when offered it from Shock records.We did'nt pick em up because in my opinion, their ATG riffage was so blatant and occasional emo style vocals did'nt work for me. It's possible both might start to become kinda redundant now as the onslaught of ultra-brutal pure-Deathcore bands take hold, which are more to my taste.

As for The Berzerker, they were highly original for the time- it was late 90's when we signed them- combining pummeling gabba beats and death metal guitars, mainman Luke was ahead of the curve by miles, I would'nt say they were weak but I know what you mean.It's true they didnt have the myspace factor or the fringes to appeal to the new kids but they made it out of Australia and continue to tour the world, plus continue to make mind-melting music.

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