Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Is Thrash officially back then?

Question: I know that there is a major Thrash movement going on right now. How much longer do you think this movement will continue? Also, what are you looking for when it comes to signing new Thrash bands? From:

Answer: Well thrash has been around for over 25 years so far, so I don't think its going away anytime soon, whats happening is a resurgence in interest in the genre because of the activities of a host of new bands playing "thrash" again.

Bands like Municipal Waste -today standing at number 77 in UK national charts -see pic), Evile, Gama Bomb, Violator, Toxic Holocaust and Warbringer are leading the way for the new breed, some are still on their debut album, a few have made 2 or 3. What makes the scene healthy and thriving is the fact there is also now a whole slew of even newer bands popping up. Ramming Speed, Havoc and Savage Messiah all recently signed to Candlelight and have albums coming out- so the scene is growing, it's obvious it is not gonna be fading away any time soon.

I actually am convinced its the resurgence of the newer thrash bands which has prompted Metallica and soon Megadeth and Slayer to actually release thrash-heavy albums once again, instead of 'searching-for-the-radio-hit' garbage they were peddling for the last decade and a half. I was playing Death Angel's 2004 comeback album "The Art of Dying' the other day - and it wasn't even thrash- it was full of terrible Grunge-lite mid paced plodders, no speed at all. Thats how low Thrash had stooped to even a few years ago.

Earache is not actively signing any more Thrash bands, we have our quota already.But if your bands plays Thrash to a decent level there is a very strong chance you'll be signed immediately as we predict an avalanche of late comer labels to the party.

Heres Municipal Waste Wrong Answer Clip:

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