Saturday, August 15, 2009

Stoner/Doom documentary film 'Such Hawks, Such Hounds'

Question: What do you guys at Earache think of the stoner movie Such Hawks Such Hounds,and are you releasing a Sleep DVD of the reunion shows. From:

Answer:A stoner rock movie? Are you sure, because this is the first i've heard about such a thing? OK now i've done some online research, I am totally blown away that such a movie exists,fair play to the director John Srebalus for seemingly spending 2-3 years putting it together, as a real DIY project which deserves support.The movie seems to cover the whole gamut of underground US rock, but has an emphasis on the stoner/doom scene, interviews include Wino, Billy Anderson, Greg Anderson, Al Cisneros, Scott Reeder (Kyuss) Tom Davies (Nebula) and many more.

Heres a Matt Pike interview from the official website. You can order the DVD from the page aswell. The film has a MySpace for more information.

As for the Sleep re-union shows we are not in any talks to issue any DVD, sadly, even though they performed the whole of the Earache record- Sleep's Holy Mountain.

Heres a trailer from the movie:

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