Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Psyopus vs Boy Will Drown

Question: heres one our friend from Pen state forgot. what about psyopus? namedropped frequently by and used as a reference point continuously when desribing the boy will drown how do they rank on dig's deathcore rankings? From:

Answer: Psyopus are a great band,I do like them, and follow their output.Metal Blade don't often pick up bad bands. Psyopus in fact are quoted in The Boy Will Drown's bio as an influence on the band. Somehow I prefer Boy Will Drown tho- their album Fetish is undoubtedly going to be in my Top 5 albums at the end of this year.

The Boy Will Drown are really young newcomers so have no self-imposed boundaries and play super-tech Death Metal/grind without any of the constraints of fitting into the scene.Their music is hellishly complex but also has that vital swing, and dare I say it, "groove", "song structure" and even, gasp, "melodic parts".The steel guitar melody at the end of Josef Fritzl sounds like it's from an old antique 78 rpm record, which is inspired.

Overall I prefer TBWD over Psyopus for the main reason they just play without any restrictions whatsoever.

Heres The Burning halo by Psyopus:

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