Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Earache DVD intro music?

Question: Hi Earache. What song plays at the start of the "Napalm Death Live Corruption" VHS / "The DVD". The song when the Earache logo comes up with a starry purplish blue sky background then it shows the ND Life? logo and afterwards "Harmony Corruption" plays. I've listened to all the bands that I hadn't heard in your catalog from 1991 and under (which was about 4) and didn't seem to find it. If the band is not on the Earache catalog then I'm going to punch myself haha. Thanks in advance. From:

Answer: Newer DVDs have Decapitated intro music, the exact song was mentioned in a previous blog.

In this case this is a DVD issue of an old VHS era concert so the music is Cathedral "Voyage of The Homeless Sapien' taken from the Statik Majik EP from 90's.

The song is 22 minutes long- an epic voyage of riffage and spaced out trippy parts- the riff in question comes late in the song- about the 18.45 mark. Its amazing isn't it?

If you have the wonderous free, legal Spotify application installed just hit this Playlist to take you straight to it.

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