Monday, August 17, 2009

Godflesh re-issues, are they remastered?

Question: Hello at Earache,
A reader at my site wonders if the Godflesh Love and Hate reissues have undergone any remastering (see last comment):
If you could briefly enlighten him/her/me, I'd appreciate it. Thanks! From: invisibleoranges at g mail dot com

Answer: Yes they are remastered.I reckon it would be a bit strange if we'd gone to the trouble to re-issue these long out of print mid-era GODFLESH titles - making 2 Cds and a DVD available as a lo price box set in the case of Songs Of Love and Hate- and not remastered them.In Europe we just this week released Pure/Cold World/ Slavestate 3 Cd box, its also been remastered.

The remastering was undertaken by JP (John-Paul) Braddock of Mine Music Mastering in UK. JP Braddock has mastered probably a hundred Earache albums over the last decade, his name (JP/Rubber Biscuit) might be familiar to avid readers of the credits in the liner notes which accompany those Earache CDs.

Godflesh mainman Justin Broadrick was highly complimentary about the repackaging and re-mastering job, he recently told our label manager:

" i finally got to play the first disc of the reissued 'pure' and i must
say its the best ive ever heard that
album, so, well done on the mastering, no matter how subtle it was it
has certainly made a difference
and improved things a lot from the original masters.

i also love the artwork and design for both packages, the printing is
the best ive seen of any of these
GF releases, really clear and sharp. im pleasantly surprised at how
well these came out.. "

So Godflesh fans can rest assured, both re-issues are worth getting a hold of from our webstore for $14 postage free.

Heres GODFLESH in New York in 1996

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Brooke said...

I picked up the 'Pure' boxset among some other bargains from the earache tent at this years Bloodstock. Its a fantastic package at a sweet price, kudos!