Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Berzerker- Suicide Songs EP (2005) on Earache? Err Nah.

Question: I have a rip of a cd called Suicide Songs by The Berzerker. Every site I find about this release says it is a bootleg released on Earache records. Is this true? If so, can I buy it? Also, if it's true, what is the catalog number? From:

Answer: Pure bootleg dude, its nothing ever made by us. I'm pretty shocked actually because our official catalog is online Here.Nowadays I find it incredible how many websites have wrong information, there are so many blogs and torrents and so many fans who use them for free music files that often-times the torrents and accompanying tracklistings become the actual "truth".Purely because so many people use these sites to get the music for their digital collection.

Thanks for alerting this to us- we never made it, it is a total bootleg, and i can't explain it.My guess is the Berzerker mainman Luke was behind it though.

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