Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Viraemia (AZ) 10-string Bass? Heavy or gimmick?

Hi iam a fan of Earache from the usa ive been collecting various albums from the mosh catalog since the mid to late 90's. It started with bands like Napalm and Carcass and eventually evolved. I have recently purchased the new Blood Red Throne and The Boy Will Drown. I actually called the Earache U.S offices and ordered them. Both Killer albums I really love TBWD great musicianship (hope they can play the states soon). Iam not the biggest fan of Oceano but recommended them to 2 friends who like that style of Music (not my cup of tea). Both ordered Depths with my order and they love it. Anyways as fan of Earache i would love to know your thoughts on these following bands i like (good or bad).
Spawn of Possesion- Only have one album Noctambulant but they are good
Braindrill- Quality Death Metal from California
Obscura-killer band iam surprised you did not sign em
Finntroll-Black Metal with a touch of Polka (haha)
Misery Index- One of my favorite bands out there today its a shame they are not bigger then what they are. I really respect the fact that you have been doing this for as long as you have. Please keep up the good work! Also i know by reading the ask earache regularly you hate this but....iam not in this band but please check em out viraemia http:// www.myspace.com/viraemiaaz they are great! I don't care if you sign em. Once again love Earache......tbwd are awesome.
Ed Allshouse
Wilmerding Pa

Answer: Thank you for the kind words Ed.Glad you like The Boy Will Drown, they are fucking epic.The band, based in Norwich, UK, has not really got into much touring yet, but the insane level of complexity and superb crystal clear production on their debut album, courtesy of the wizards at Poland's Hertz studio (Decapitated) has made 'Fetish" a contender for album of the year to a lot of people.

You wanted my opinion on some bands- I should point out that playing a flurry of notes does not automatically always equal awesome in my book, technical playing is faked a lot, and its the overall power and dynamics of the band as a whole, which i'm mostly interested in.For this reason many of the tech-death scene bands leave me cold.

Spawn of Possession - Nah this Swedish band from the early 00's dont impress me much.The Deathcore bands coming out nowadsys eat them for breakfast.

Braindrill are on Metal Blade and have decent number of fans, both online and off it,so must be doing something right.It's one of the better tech-death bands out there today.

Obscura- You mean the German band on Relapse who did US tour with Cannibal Corpse, and again soon in EU.I don't get what all the fuss is about frankly, because I don't rate this band at all, Brainbrill destroys them into dust.

Fintroll- I'll give the band their due, they worked hard to become the leaders of the European folk-metal scene, which is nowadays teeming with bands.So fair play to them. Their folkish metal is not my cup of tea though.

Viraemia (Az) have come to our attention a few times, the 10-string bass should make them the heaviest band out there, but in my opinion its played the wrong way, as Scott's super-tech playing doesnt utilise the power of the instrument (which he hand built) properly.It should cause walls to collapse, it should be off the scale heaviness, but it comes across as sounding somewhat like the harp, which is not powerful at all.

Heres The Boy Will Drown:


LoganTerriah said...

Look, I understand your love for your own bands etc, as it is part of your label, but saying things like Obscura and Spawn of Possession are shit compared to Deathcore bands?

For fuck sakes, Earache records isn't even "metal" anymore. It's all trend faggots. Not going to buy anything from you anymore. T_T

Oceano is good though.

Anonymous said...

he uses a ten string bass so he can get the extra range to match and harmonize to what the guitar is playing its not made for heavy riffing.

Anonymous said...

he uses a ten string bass so he can get the extra range to match and harmonize to what the guitar is playing its not made for heavy riffing.